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On July 23rd, 1910 Reinhard Tweer established his first foundry in Bielefeld-Brackwede, a steel- and malleable-iron foundry. His knowledge as former and former master as well as his previous employments at several german foundries was helpful for the Reinhard Tweer GmbH to gain a successful foothold during the first years. The generous support of his brother Ewald was also a great advantage for Reinhard Tweer. In 1916, after the death of Reinhard Tweer, Ewald Tweer took over the management of the company in Brackwede.

In 1940 the company Reinhard Tweer GmbH made a big step for the future with the purchase of a further production site in Bielefeld-Sennestadt and opened a new foundry at this location on September 26th.
Only one year later Ewald Tweer finished his activity in the management and Reinhard Tweer, 2. generation, was named as the sole manager. He was already employed in the company since 1926 and continued the foundry-tradition for his father Reinhard Tweer. The postwar period affected the family Tweer a lot. In 1949 Reinhard Tweer died due to the consequences of war captivity and left behind his wife with four little children and two large production plants. His wife, Marie-Louise Tweer, took up the responsibility and managed the company of her died husband.

In 1977 Klaus-Dieter Tweer, who works in the company already since 1962, took over the management now in the 3rd generation. In 1984 the Reinhard Tweer GmbH left the production site Brackwede and concentrated completely on the expansion of the production in Bielefeld-Sennestadt.

Everything shows to the future. Now, with the 4th generation of the family Tweer, with Reinhard and Kristine, the children of Klaus-Dieter and Doris Tweer, the course is set for the company since 1996. Reinhard Tweer is responsible for the company with app. 300 employees.

Reinhard Tweer GmbH puts a very large value on the training. The areas foundry mechanics, electronic technicians, industrial mechanics, technical pattern-maker and industrial clerks are trained continuously and mainly for the own needs.

20,000-25,000 t "good castings" are going to be produced yearly, which are divided into 1/3 steel casting and 2/3 spheroidal casting (nodular graphit cast iron).


Reinhard Tweer GmbH - Krackser Str. 191, 33689 Bielefeld-Sennestadt - Tel.: +49 5205 / 7501 -0, Fax.: +49 5205 / 7501 -79