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   Cleaning and Annealing Shop

The cleaning shop has the required equipment, which is necessary for the further machining of the castings.
The heat treatment (hardening) of the castings can be done with totally 12 furnaces, 11 of them are electrically heated and one with oil.
The heat treating furnaces, electrically heated, have a capacity of up to 18 tons and meet all requirements on mechanical properties of steel and iron materials, because they enable an exact degree.
The temperature and time as well as the logging run completely by data processing.

For the pre- and after machining of the castings there are arc-air-cabines and further cleaning and welding equipment.
If castings have to be straightened, this can be done with the squeezing mechanism.

In collaboration with special suppliers we can offer the following machining processes:

Mechanical treatment
For all our castings we can offer the machining. The scope of the machining is discussed with our customer before.

Coating and painting
Coating of the castings e.g. with oil, powder or lack can be done in the production process.


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