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For us at Tweer, WE has a very special meaning. The relations we maintain with our customers are based on the principles of partnership. We are dedicated to perfection in the fulfilment of their wishes and needs. We strive to identify their future needs at an early stage and adapt our thoughts and actions to meet them. In this way, we build new partnerships and strengthen those we have already made.

We and our app. 300 employees see ourselves as a strong team. Only if we are successful as a team can we fulfil the needs of our customers to the best of our abilities and enjoy success as a company. This is why we see the training, development and qualification we provide for our employees as an ongoing investment in our future.

When we say WE, this naturally also refers to us, the family that owns and runs our company. Now in its fourth generation, Tweer is a family concern that has enjoyed market success for more than 100 years. Without the enormous strength of this very special WE factor, we would never have been able to survive and master the challenges of the past. Only in this way can we safeguard our future success.

The WE just makes the difference.


Reinhard Tweer GmbH - Krackser Str. 191, 33689 Bielefeld-Sennestadt - Tel.: +49 5205 / 7501 -0, Fax.: +49 5205 / 7501 -79