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   Company History

1910-1939 WE establish our success
July 23rd 1910: Foundation of company Reinhard Tweer GmbH in Bielefeld - Brackwede
1916: After death of founder Reinhard Tweer his brother Ewald Tweer takes over the management
1926: Reinhard Tweer, 2nd generation gets a part of the management

1940-1977 WE grow in times of changes
September 26th 1940: Opening of a new foundry in Bielefeld - Sennestadt
1941: Ewald Tweer left the company after a long-standing management activity and Reinhard Tweer, in 2nd generation, takes over the company
1949: Reinhard Tweer, 2nd generation, dies because of the war captivity. His wife, Marie-Louise Tweer, takes over the management of Reinhard Tweer GmbH on her own
1962: Klaus-Dieter Tweer, 3rd generation, joins in the company first of all as sales manager
1965: Fritz Esser takes over the management of Reinhard Tweer GmbH

1977-2009 WE celebrate success
1977: Klaus-Dieter Tweer takes over the management
1984: Closure of the site in Bielefeld - Brackwede, concentration on the expansion in Sennestadt, steel castings as well as spheroidal castings are produced now
1996: With Reinhard Tweer and his sister Kristine now the 4th generation of the family is in the company
2000: Reinhard Tweer and Klaus-Dieter Tweer are equally responsible for the management

2010 WE celebrate our 100th anniversary

2010-Today WE invest in the future
2011: Construction of a production facility with installation of an continuous blasting plant
2012: Construction of a new warehouse
2012: Roofing of a fire transit and installation of a filtration system with 4x 100.000 cbm air power on the canopy
2013: Installation of another continuous blasting plant
2014: Installation of a blasting plant for large castings
2015: Extensive investments in heat recovery and building insulation
2017: After his 40 years as Managing Director for Reinhard Tweer GmbH, Klaus-Dieter Tweer, 3rd generation, retires from the Management, but he is still available to provide advice. His son Reinhard, 4th generation, assumes the sole management.

Reinhard Tweer GmbH - Krackser Str. 191, 33689 Bielefeld-Sennestadt - Tel.: +49 5205 / 7501 -0, Fax.: +49 5205 / 7501 -79