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   Moulding Shop

Depending on the size of the casting and/or the batch size the castings are produced in the machine moulding shop or in the hand moulding shop.

The moulding shop comprises two semi-automatic moulding lines type Künkel-Wagner. The small moulding line, built in 1989 with a box size of 700x545x270/270 mm, has a capacity of 70-90 boxes per hour.
The big moulding line, built in 1991 with a box size of 1.100 x 1.100 x 270/270 mm, has a capacity of 30 boxes per hour.
On these moulding lines, castings with weights of 1 kg up to 400 kg can be produced. Here we use the Vacu-Airpress-Plus-method with bentonite moulding sand.

Small batches and bigger castings with a weight up to 5 t are formed in the hand moulding shop with cold resin setting.


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